Jeezy-Jeannie Mai-Brenda tune: attempting to look into a real mess

Jeezy-Jeannie Mai-Brenda tune: attempting to look into a real mess

ALERTING: vocabulary in certain tweets are offensive to some.

Social media was actually all abuzz the rumors of rapper Jeezy’s and TV variety Jeannie Mai;s commitment was actually something more than just are friends. Their unique Instagram verification subsequently got a life of the own as followers debated the subjects of “inter-racial dating” while the ‘All-Asians-look-alike.”

Sucked into the violent storm of conflict ended up being Brenda track, celebrity and Disney alum.

Very first, let’s ready the stage:

It’s 2019 guys… interracial connections tend to be anything and there’s virtually nothing wrong with them thus

can we all-just quit chatting shit on a person who decides currently away from her competition? For whatever reason, Jeezy gets bashed on line by some individuals that happen to be disappointed together with alternatives in females. Recently, the guy went Instagram certified together with his sweetheart Jeannie Mai, among the many hosts of The genuine, and followers in the few had been seen all over the opinions part uploading cardio emojis and congratulating the lot on obtaining along. There were a few adverse reviews blended in though therefore had been enough for Jeezy to earn the scorn of Twitter.

The veteran rapper Jeezy seems to be happy with his newer sweetheart, whom is of Vietnamese and Chinese descent. Several of Jeezy’s lovers were unhappy that rapper try shacking with the woman, disrespectfully advising him to not date outside of his battle. People are bringing up the hypocrisy in this case though, keeping in mind that Cassie‘s relationship with Alex Fine, a White guy, was embraced but once Jeezy decides to date an Asian woman, all hell breaks free. One thing ain’t there.

Jeezy have some critical opinions from lovers whom shown their unique disapproval of a Black people internet dating away from his competition. But that critique got some fast reactions.

Cassie have a white man. Christina Milan have a white guy. Lisa Bonet had gotten a white people that luau. Rihanna had gotten a middle easterner. Tika Sumpter had gotten a white guy. They all got “yaaaassss!!” within feedback. So just why y’all upset at Jeezy?

Then it have more interesting whenever critics fell for the old trope and started mistaking actress Brenda tune with Jeannie because, you are sure that, Asians all look-alike, correct?

The above tweet appears to have been removed.

Since video shows, Jeannie isn’t any complete stranger to debate whenever interracial relationship is concerned. She ended up being partnered to a white guy for years before her 2017 splitting up.

But since Jeezy and Jeannie produced their own partnership Instagram official, a video have resurfaced from a (2014) episode of “The Real,” in which Mai made a remark about matchmaking dark men that made social media users anxious. She said:

“I loved Ebony men! I did, Used to do. However for me personally, dark chicken unofficially. Light helps to keep myself suggest and slim, you realize? That’s exactly why we hitched white. That’s the things I including.”

Afterwards, a “clarification” only produced issues messier:

“exactly what I’m stating is actually I really do think Ebony guys are appealing!…when In my opinion about boys, i prefer dark guys. I familiar with date Black boys. I think they’re appealing. However when I made a decision to adhere to – given that it simply held me happiest – was my personal guy Freddy, which merely is literally White.”

At the same time, Brenda Song’s fans happened to be coming to the safety of these idol.

I obtained thus focused on Brenda Song today We recognize y’all were referring to a whole different Asian individual picture.

Yall tryna convince me personally that they look alike? Prevent the lays.

Are you presently however with our company? Had gotten that right?

This whole kerfuffle — Jeezy, Jeannie Mai, Brenda Song — may appear frivolous however it is simply the suggestion associated with iceberg of subjects that deserves some big conversation, specially when a person battle initiate dumping on another competition. That interracial racism among Blacks and Asians seldom will get broadcast however it is something that has to be answered once we espouse solidarity with each other against actual oppression.

The whole Jeezy-Jeannie Mai-Brenda tune thing, will get therefore complicated often … that’s why we you will need to steer away from the realm of who’s-dating-who. But for people non-celebrities, we need to live with those problems in real-life … and that is generally similarly perplexing.

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